RTF Doors

The preferred sander for sanding MDF doors is the classic 1300 sander.

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RTF Doors

The preferred sander for sanding MDF doors is the classic 1300 sander. The RTF (Rigid Thermofuse Foil) doors are normally made from MDF and a stiff foil. If the MDF profiles are not clean the fibers will show through the foil. So the machine customers love is the Discs Sander Classic 1300 Vac. It’s perfect for removing loose fibers and sanding the profiles smooth.

Sanding RTF Doors

The doors can go through the machine before the foil is pressed on to the door and the machine will sand the doors at 10-20 feet per minute. The Classic 1300 is more aggressive than the normal finish sander. Most of the time RTF doors require edges to be rounded a little bit so the edges do not go through the membrane when pressed. This Classic 1300 can be very aggressive in the profile and around the edges, making it the perfect machine for sanding RTF doors.

Sanding RTF Doors by Hand

QuickWood also carries a few smaller hand tools for sanding RTF. These machines can be found on the online QuickWood store. Even sanding RTF doors by hand will go a lot faster than hand sanding and the results will be more uniform. Labor cost and also “happy workers” are always a key thing when running a business and QuickWood is here to speed up the process with automatic machines and semi-automatic hand tools. If you are sanding RTF doors, QuickWood is your supplier.

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