Pro 1100 L-Series

To assist with labor and maintenance costs, QuickWood has developed the L Series finish sander.


Finish Sander

To assist with labor and maintenance costs, QuickWood has developed the L Series finish sander.

These units are based on the ‘Tried and True’ proven performance platform of the PRO and Elite Series rotary finish sander. QuickWood has answered the call for a lower cost machine for automating raw wood and sealer sanding of three dimensional and flat work pieces of wood, MDF, and laminates.

Due to cost cutting measures in the manufacturing and assembly processes and less sophisticated machine control methods, QuickWood has released the L Series of sanders at a substantial reduction of 38% off the Elite Series Sanders with comparable size and capability.

Same Rotary Carousel Finish Sander

The L Series uses the same rotary carousel unit as the Elite Series. The L 800 is a four head machine with a 36 inch wide conveyor, while the L 1100 and L 1400 are both eight head machines with 43 and 55 inch wide conveyors, respectfully.

All three versions of the L Series finish sander come standard with QuickWood’s spindle reversing system. This option allows the use of QuickWood double sided brush and abrasives. This gives the machine much greater versatility in that you can change from raw wood sanding to sealer sanding by the push of a button as opposed to stopping operations. Abrasive heads can be replaced from one task to another.

Finish sander with easy controls

The new L Series has all the controls of the more expensive Elite units but without the bilingual color touch screen. The controls for this newly designed finish sander are located on the corner column of the in-feed. Controls can be mounted at right or left to suit your needs.

Standard operational controls with digital indicators include:

  1. Variable Speed Conveyor
  2. RPM Adjustable Head Speed
  3. RPM adjustable Carousel Speed
  4. Push Button Height Setting
  5. Vacuum Hold Down System On/Off

The new L series Finish Sander from QuickWood is sure to be a best seller in the years to come. QuickWood has always been the leader in finish sander technology.

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