Pro 800-1300

It you are looking for an entry level finish sander, take a look at the QuickWood Pro 800.

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Small Finish Sander

It you are looking for an entry level finish sander, take a look at the QuickWood Pro 800. This sander has 4 spindles that can be setup for reverse use of the Quick-Strip double slot brush for dual abrasives. The smaller finish sander works just like its bigger brothers. The only difference is the rate at which you can send your pieces though the small  finish sander. The normal feed rate though a small finish sander like the Pro 800 Vac is 10-12 feet per min.

Small finish sander with vacuum table

The Pro 800 finish sander has a vacuum table to hold down small parts like drawer fronts and frames. It performs as well as the bigger sanders but not as fast. You should expect to run this machine at about 10-12 feet per minute. Use it for pre-sanding before stain and sealer is applied. This will break sharp edges and clean up any surface fibers and roughness. Then, apply stain and sealer on your work piece and use the sander again for your sealer sanding.

Using a small finish sander like the Pro’s

We do offer leasing on these denibbers. Please call 1-800-761-2118 and speak with one of our leasing agents about getting the best price. The small finish sander will do the same job as the larger sanders but at slower speeds.

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