QuickWood Factory



QuickWood has been building finishing and sealer sanding machines for the last 25 years in our factory in Italy. All machines are build custom to the clients in North America and Europe. We always build the machine to the power requirements of the customer and we most of the time build custom options into the machines based on the customers production.

Quickwood Factory

The factory builds about 200 machines per year to all countries in the world. The wood and metal market is our top customers looking to automate sanding and save on hard labor cost. The uniform sanding that a QuickWood machine can product every time is very sought after so the quality is the same in the sanding department. New customer groups like jean manufactures and counter top producers are always welcome.

QuickWood Custom Machines

QuickWood has produced custom machine to multiple car manufactures like Mercedes ad Jaguar but also toy manufacturers like Brio in Sweden have requested machines from QuickWood to eliminate the sharp edge in an easy process. QuickWood custom machines are used to sand piano tops and interior doors. If you can make it QuickWood will give you an edge sanding it.

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