QuickWood Gives Woodworkers At AWFS Las Vegas Online Access



Going to woodworking shows like the AWFS in Las Vegas or the IWF in Atlanta is a great way for the owners and employees at woodworking shops to find new products and new processes to make quality better and work faster.

We at QuickWood are in the business of giving woodworking shops an edge over their competition and giving them ways to turn a profit on larger jobs with a key focus on quality.

Molding Sander Quickwood

We offer the CD2-300 molding sander to help improve and speed up hand sanding on moldings and trim parts. 

We also supply a industry leading way to finish sand before sealer and sealer sand cabinet doors with our time tested Elite 1100/1400 sanders. The Elite rotary sander will produce a more uniform stain color if used before stain is applied. It will also break all sharp edges on the door and make it ready for stain and sealer. When sealer sanding with the Elite finishing sander the spindle speed would be slower but the feed-though rate of the conveyor belt would still run at 15-30 feet per minute.

QuickWood are also offering a whole segment of hand tools and finishing products in our online store Flap-Wheels.com .

Brushes for QuickWood

We have the regular Flap-wheels that most woodworking shops are using for deburring products before stain and sealer and for sealer sanding. The QuickWood flap-wheels are unique in the way that they contour to the products profiles and breaks sharp edges so stain and sealer can sit on the edges.

We also carry a full line of rustic brushes for making wood look old and for giving the wood some open grain.  Follow this link, Guide to distressing wood, and scroll down to the bottom of the page to view our guide to making wood look old.

For questions about the QuickWood product or Flap-Wheels product please call our office at 1-866-888-5858

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