QuickWood was founded in 1975 in Denmark by Bent Malherbe, after years of developing machines and brush sanding systems QuickWood became the leading manufacturer in the world of finishing and sealer sanding machines and brush/abrasives. The inter-changeable versatility of the QuickWood system works together where any abrasives and brush can go on any of the machines from hand tools to rotary style sanding machines. If you are looking for a time tested system that has been working in North American factories since the 1990 then you can count on QuickWood to be there for the long haul.

Today we are servicing around 500 machines in North America out of our Florida office, and new machines are put into service every week. Our biggest customer group are in Kitchen cabinets and molding manufactures but in the last few years flooring manufactures and metal manufactures have seen how a quality sanding job by their QuickWood machine can change the way their products look and feel to the end user.
QuickWood machines works after the wide belt sander to remove loose fibers in the wood surface so stain and sealer can be applied with more even color as the flats and profiles are sanded to the same finish. QuickWood owners also see a noticeable reduction in sealer being used to close the wood as the fibers in the surface has been removed. Having a uniform finish after using the QuickWood machine is something your customers will notice right away and you will notice on the labor cost of sanding in your shop.

We urge you to give us a call and go see a customer using the QuickWood system so you can fully understand the benefits you would be bringing to your shop by purchasing a QuickWood machine.

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