Important Flapwheel and replacement strip update

If you previously ordered a complete flapwheel or replacement strips from our website the following is important information for you.

All previous versions of flapwheels were our 28 slot hub assemblies with 28 strips of paper. These heads gave you a basic outside diameter of 10”. The paper used is our 65mm trim (how tall) paper. You will still find this available however the format for ordering has changed as we now offer two sizes of hubs and two sizes of paper height which now gives you four choices for each width of head you wish to order.

You will now find the option of choosing a 28 slot or 44 slot hub. You will also find the option of choosing our 45mm tall paper as well as the 65mm previously available. 

We have made this available to better give you options for different needs. As a general rule the large the head and the more strips of paper installed the head will sand more efficiently and last longer.

Taller paper is generally needed for deeper profile works where you have a depth over 1.5 inches from top to bottom of profile. In most door and molding applications you will find the 45mm tall paper to work a little better as it will be slightly stiffer as compared to the 65mm tall paper.



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